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  • "Letters mingle souls."

    John Donne

Do You Write Lists?

I’m a list person. I write lots of to-do lists and cross off completed tasks. I’m one of those people who, if I complete a task not originally included on the list, I’ll add it and then mark it off. The line through the finished item feels like a pat on my back, so of course I’m not going to miss that easy gratification.

Since I’ve been “steady learning” empty nesting, I’ve been thinking about words I love to hear from my children besides the obvious, “I love you.” Here’s a list of my top choices:

  1. Mom, it smells so good in here.
  2. Please pray for…
  3. How can I pray for you?
  4. Have you read…?
  5. What should I read next?
  6. This book was fantastic!
  7. Do you want to watch a Middle? (The Middle TV show)
  8. This tastes so good, Mom.
  9. Have you heard the new (Eric Church, Zac Brown, Steep Canyon Rangers, …) song?
  10. What do you want me to play? (on the piano)
  11. Are you ready to get your behind kicked in euchre?
  12. Wanna play Ticket to Ride or Banana Grams or Clue or Scrabble or…?
  13. Can you make _______  when I get home?
  14. I am so glad I’m coming home this weekend.
  15. I can’t wait to get home.
  16. How can I help?
  17. Mom, you are a b@d@$$. And a variation that appeared in a recent birthday card, “You are a b@d@$$ girl boss.”

Whether they show up in a text, an email, a real note, in a phone call, or in person, these words make my heart smile.

*”Steady learning” is a nod to Eric Church’s single, Record Year.