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    John Donne


Thanks so much for visiting. On this page, I’ve tried to include information that readers might want to know about me. Here goes–

I grew up on a farm in eastern North Carolina. I know how to barn tobacco, chop cotton, and pull weeds out of soy beans. I also know how to drive a tractor. I haven’t used these abilities in years, but I’m proud to include them in my skills set.

My Southern roots show when I admit my love of fried pork tenderloin, watermelon, turnip greens with hot pepper vinegar, and twelve-layer (made from scratch) chocolate cake.

When I was seven, I noticed people going up to the preacher at the end of revival every night. Questioning my parents led to talking with the preacher which led to my own trip up the aisle (understanding a little about Jesus’ sacrifice for me, but feeling very holy since I missed watching Cinderella that night).

I met my future husband, a transplanted Pittsburgher, while I lived in Charlotte and taught English at York Technical College. Despite our differences, I married him. Two years later, we started a family and moved to Gibsonia, north of Pittsburgh. There I was introduced to pizzelle cookies, Primanti Brothers’ sandwiches, and Bread Works ciabatta , and I learned how to wave a Terrible Towel for the Pittsburgh Steelers—America’s team!

During the sweet fourteen years I lived north of the Mason Dixon line, I began maturing as a wife, mother, and Christian. I’m still a work in progress, but at least I’m moving forward.

Here are more random facts:

We have four children who continue to astound me with their intelligence, compassion, humor, creativity, and love—two daughters and twin sons.

I’m an ARMY mom of two freshly-commissioned Second Lieutenants. Go ARMY! Beat Navy!

We live in a house we built on land my great grandparents farmed.

I enjoy playing Euchre—especially the smack talk that accompanies our games.

I play piano, clarinet, and the dulcimer.

I love flowers, real mail, live music, reading, crocheting, traveling, cooking, and volunteering.

A friend and I won third place in a high school dance contest, twisting our way to the white ribbon.

I won second place for pecan pie at a church’s pie contest and second place in the Prayer Shawl category at the North Carolina State Fair. No blue ribbons yet, but I’m still trying.

I’ve soloed a Cessna 150.

I’ve participated in Bible Study Fellowship for so long I’ve studied the Life of Moses three times!

One of my favorite Bible verses is Ephesians 3:20, “[God] is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…”

I’ve seen this verse displayed in my life repeatedly and especially now with my writing journey. As a little girl when I contemplated one day writing a book, I couldn’t see how or when, but God knew. Now He’s invited me on this wonderful path, and I’m grateful for His Goodness every day.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

For a bio for media purposes, look here https://hopetolerdougherty.com/media-2/