• Visit Mars, Pennsylvania, and fall in love with Penn and John.

  • Can Mary Wade protect her heart and save her hero, too?

  • Take a trip to Galway, Ireland, with Ellen and Payne!

  • "Letters mingle souls."

    John Donne

Behind the Scenes with Rescued Hearts

Do you like behind the scene tours? I do. I remember field trips to the local post office and Pizza Inn with my children when they were in preschool. I loved being able to peek behind the doors and see things to which regular visitors didn’t get invited.

With this post, I’m inviting you to go behind the scenes with the writing of Rescued Hearts. Visit my Pinterest page to see pictures of characters, possibilities of mountain cabins, and examples of clothes Mary Wade might create for her clients. I thought Gigi, Brett’s grandmother, might look like the women with the gray bob and stylish clothes. The other women with the short, gray hair is what I imagined Agnes to look like.

You’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the board to see what Mary Wade and Brett look like in my mind. What do you think?